Friday, September 3


eXcessica is giving away TWO Kindle 3 eBook Readers with wi-fi AND they will be already pre-loaded with dozens (75+!) of eXcessica eBooks!

Our scavenger hunt runs from Sept 1 – Sept 30, 2010 and there are LOTS of way to win!

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  • * A"habu" collection, including Rough Rides, Across the Threshold, Deal Closer, Hard Knocks U and Creampuffs (3 giveaways)
  • * A Selena Kitt collection, including The Surrender of Persephone, Heidi and the Kaiser, Bluebeard's Wife, Taken, Falling Downand Quickies (3 giveaways)
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Friday, August 20

Where've I been???

So I know I'm late, sorry people, but my other id took over for a while and started writing her crime novel. She's even more demanding than I and, seeing as how she claims to know how to kill a man using nothing but an ordinary playing card, I'm not one to meddle with her. Anyhow, she's taken a short break and has allowed me to update you about my musings.

If you weren't aware, the good people over at eXessica publishing have decided to publish my first book, Different Shades of Gray. You can read an excerpt on my Books page here. The release date is scheduled for March 18th, 2011. I'm super excited! The marketing blitz will start soon, so I'll be going back under for a while ;o)

I've finished the first draft of my second novel, DEVIL'S FLAME and the editing begins in a week. Then it's on to the submission process, so look out for that one late 2011.

If you've been looking for your Sable fix, I wrote three shorts for the Ain't That Quaint? competition hosted by my friends at A Word With You Press. The competition focused on a list of 20 "truisms" from which we had to choose to write about three. You can click on the link to check out my three entries: Tie, A Word With Charlie Brown, and Tape 6. be sure to leave your comments, I love to hear from you guys. Also be sure to check out the other shorts and the wonderful insights on this site. They are truly "Publishers and Purveyors of Fine Stories". They're always up to something over there, so be sure to bookmark them and visit often.

Okay, my id Isadora Monday is taking over again. She's got a deadline to meet (one she didn't discuss with me, but she keeps shuffling playing cards so I'm not complaining). I promise to check in with you all shortly.


Saturday, June 26

Trippin' in Paradise

So I know it's been forever since I've blogged. Things haven't slowed down in a while. But I'm back! I'm actually on a working vacation in beautiful Palm Springs, CA. And by "beautiful" I mean scorching, sweltering, "the Devil's buying me a slurpee cause the thermostat's stuck on HELL" kinda heat. It's been 107 in the shade! Naturally there no better way to spend your vacation -working or otherwise- than by catching a cold in the FLIPPIN' DESERT! Only me. The air is so dry, the heat so high, and these allergies are kickin my butt. All of that combined with moving from extreme heat to extreme air conditioning has managed to give me quite the sinus cold.

So as I've gone from outlet store to outlet store I've been miserable. What? You didn't think a little thing like a cold was gonna stop this girl from shopping, did you? There are some things women will push through in the name of a killer sale. A cold is just one example. I saw a number of people on crutches so apparently broken limbs are another. Add to the list cramps, complaints from the significant other, and lack of proper funding. We'll find a way.

I left Palm Springs to play hookie and drive to Vegas to catch Cirque's ZUMANITY. Awesome show. My mother was a little freaked, but what can I say? She's a trooper. So I recommend the show, but unless she's cool with burlesque I don't recommend taking mom. Here's a test. If you can explain the term "tea-bagging" and mom doesn't blush, you're good. Leaving Vegas we hit the outlets there. Then we hit the one in Barstow, and then the one in Palm Springs. Credit card is on fire!!

Anyhow, I do have great news! The cover for my first book DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAY is done. I still don't have a release date from my publisher, Excessica, but that should just be a matter of time. In the meantime, I've nearly finished book two as well as a short, and I've got my outlines going for books 3, 4, & 5. So all in all, not a bad vacay. Managed to get some great jeans (like I needed another pair of jeans) and some more clothes and shoes for a really low price, saw a show, got some writing done, and I'm one step closer to my first release. Oh, and I got back to blogging. Not bad, huh? Now I just gotta figure out how to jam all this stuff into the tiny little suitcase I brought.

Going to sit on said suitcase.
I'll check in again really soon.


Thursday, May 6

Mastering the Short...

If you're anything like me, you love to talk... Scratch that. It's not so much that I love to talk, it's more that I have this uncompromising need to be completely understood. I've been told my brain doesn't work linearly (which I've taken to mean that I go off on tangents a lot, but I swear that's genetic. I know where the tangent is going and how it ties in... but it seems I'm digressing) So, now that my disclaimer is in place, let's go over my new problem... mastering the short story.

Typically short stories are anywhere from two words (yes, apparently there's a competition for that... I know, tangent) to around 20,000 depending on who you ask and who you're submitting to, but most are between 10-and 15,000 words. It's completely possible to come up with an intricate plot, dynamic characters, dramatic locations, etc. etc. in just 10,000 words. But is it possible for the verbally diarrhettic?

Do you already see my dilemma? I'm fully capable of telling a really interesting story, but the need to be completely clear on something means that it'll take me more than the 10,000 words I'm supposed to limit it to.

So here's the challenge. I'm working on an erotica piece that can only be 10,000 words.
Not 10,0001.
Just 10,000.

What's a girl to do? *sigh* There's a million and one ways to describe missionary alone! (well, maybe not a million and one, but you get my drift) And while I'm thinkin' about it, who's doin' it just missionary anymore? Certainly not the perfectly wicked little characters in my head!

That said, it's just a matter of ditching the unimportant parts. All the flowery language cleverly disguised as metaphors -white as snow... cried a river... yadda yadda yadda - will have to go.

So faithful blog followers, I'm thinkin' I can do it, actually, I know I can do it. Anyone who knows my alter ego (the first one, as there are two) knows that I've got this covered. Easy peasy! I'm gonna sign off now and get to work on my latest endeavor. Apparently they need it in the next two days. Of course I knew that a week ago, but this segues quite nicely into my next blog... procrastinating. It's not so much "stalling" as it is "waiting for the perfect opportunity". (What? Does that count as flowery language?)

Sable J.

Monday, May 3

1 post down... millions to go!!

So this is my first actual blog... I know, I'm late. But I just didn't think I had much to say before I started writing. Now I can't shut up.
Anyhow, I'm presently using this first post as a "test" post. I'm in the middle of building my website and this whole integrate your blog thing has been quite the pain in the ass. I promise my next post will be ultra-entertaining... assuming I get this damn thing connected to my site before I break my Mac. If you hear from me soon, that's a good sign!



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