Sunday, March 20

Come on and #LickMyInk...

Pulled From Found Shit
But just one lick. 
(Don't you just LOVE the pic? Hotness!)
Anyhow, here's a taste of a novelette I recently completed. My site lists it as "Ink Drying", which in Sable-speak means it's in edits, so no excerpt yet. But I've gotten a number of inquiries about it so to all those wondering, it'll be bumped up to "Fresh Whet Ink" soon.  Might even release it this summer. Hmmm....  

Without further ado, I present to you a taste from my latest THE DOXY'S DAYBOOK:

“These people don’t know what you are, but I do.”
I take a deep breath.  “And what am I, Maria?”
“You. Are. A. Whore.” She snips off each word, emphasizes the last.
“That’s where you’re wrong.  See, a whore doesn’t warrant a second thought.  A whore is a fast fuck in an empty closet or off to the end of the subway platform, tucked out of sight; just a passing fancy, an end to satisfy an immediate human urge.  Whores are…base. 
“Now a doxy like me,” I lean forward, voice still low, “I’m that random smile on your husband’s face in the middle of the day, Maria.  I’m the pep in his step in the morning while you dawdle over the banality of which bag will match which shoes; what you and the girls will eat for lunch over at Lupa’s in the Village. And when he finally pushes through the door after working late yet again, I’m the only reason he can stomach coming home to you at night.”

I'm so tempted to post more! I loved this story, can't wait to share it with you. Till then pass this Lick to friends.


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