Saturday, May 14

What'd I Miss?

Whoa, is it really the middle of May already? Ugh! I'm very much behind schedule, which, for anyone playing along at home, is totally normal for me. Still bugs me no end. Of all the things I got really good at, procrastination is chief among them. *sigh* Now I know I said before I wouldn't be one of those fair weather bloggers, but too much has happened in the last month. Some good, some bad...actually, a lot of it bad. No worries, it takes more than a rain to ruin a Sable parade!  But given what I was up against I had to decide: keep INKing the WHETness you all love or blog. Blogging (facebook, twitter, and other social networking) had to take a back seat...and when was the last time I called my parents? Hmm...

Anyhow, I see you all met Izzy. She's interesting, isn't she? Love that girl. Izzy let slip there's a FREE anthology coming soon, and she's right. (She keeps telling me I should put that on a shirt. Ego much?)  I'm teaming up with a great group of ladies to bring you some SUMMER HEAT!  Romances that may sizzle or fizzle but are hot while they last. I'm super excited about it, and my story is shaping up nicely. Actually it's a piece Iz started on and abandoned a while ago and it was just dying for some kink. So I took it over, reworked it and now it's headed toward awesome sauce. And as tribute to it's progenitor, I've named the lead Kizzie! LOL! It'll be out in June so expect the cover soon, and I'll introduce you to the other ladies involved in the next couple weeks.  Again, it's completely free, because I'm cool like that :)

If you read my older #SampleSundays you know about my next release, The Doxy's Daybook. Well, it's out of edits and ready for some art. Soon as I get that, an excerpt will be available on my site. Warning: Doxy is in your face graphic. No sugarcoating, straight no chaser. I'm sweating just thinking about all the hot, sticky whet goodness in that book. WHEW!! My mom reads all my stuff (bless her Sable-corrupted eyes)— I told her in no uncertain terms that she could NOT read Doxy. *fans face* I'm not trying to get disowned, or be named as her cause of death ;) But seriously...  

That's all for now. I guess this was just proof of life for those of you swinging by and sending me "Where the heck are you?" messages on FB and e-mail. Rest assured, I'm still INKing. I just left Kizzie strapped over a spanking bench to post this entry and grab some popcorn. Better get back before the naughty stuff starts.



  1. I can't wait to read your offering for the anthology. I'll be taking notes. lol

  2. Oh, yeah, Kween! I'm definitely waiting to read yours, too! I just read the first of the submissions and I'm lovin' it!!

  3. Such easy reading, girl! You INK like that though and I love it. I was laughing at the part about you not letting Mom read the newest story. Too funny! I'll just bet she is gonna find a way to get to it though. She might even be able to get it through me...but for a small fee, I can keep a secret! LOL! Tell Iz that I can't wait to meet her.

  4. Traci!! Thanks for swinging by hun! Yeah, I re-read Doxy and thought I can't believe I wrote this! If my mom read it she'd definitely sh*t bricks. If they were GOLD bricks, I might consider it. LOL! Secret's out now, though, so if she reads it I know who to track down. :)

  5. LOL!!! I wouldn't sell you out...PROMISE!!!


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